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More than 38 years later, the crime remains unsolved.“It was a very violent attack,” recalled Samuel De John, the former Town of Evans police chief who spent decades investigating and reinvestigating the case.Accompanied by several assistants, their actions were recorded by a video cameraman and a photographer as they forced their way into the homes of those suspected of sorcery.For onlookers, it was a veritable circus, with the high priests - some of them naked - prancing and muttering incantations as they conducted their rituals.The two women are considered political prisoners, along with the 15 male activists also sentenced for their part in studying a manual on non-violent means of opposing the present Angolan regime.One of their number, Air-Force Lieutenant Osvaldo Caholo, was never even present at any of the book-club meetings.The only two females in the Luanda Book Club case, Rosa Conde (29) and Laurinda Gouveia (26), have been on hunger strike since May 8 in protest at their continued detention in Viana prison, pending their appeal against a verdict and prison sentence which have been widely condemned as unfair and part of a political show-trial.

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What they find when they get here is a city officially recognised as the most mind- bogglingly expensive in the world.He also enjoyed swimming and sunbathing in the nude on an isolated beach in Angola, near massive sand dunes.When Clifton went there on the morning of June 15, 1978, someone – probably someone he knew – murdered him.For the most part, these civil and customary systems co-exist peacefully, but from time to time they collide; sometimes violently. Extreme poverty and high levels of infant mortality have resulted in desperate villagers attributing their misfortunes to sorcery and evil spells.The enthronement in January of a new traditional Queen, the "Mwana Cafunfo", delivered an opportunity to enact traditional rituals to drive out the witches blamed for their ill-fortune. Hundreds of people took to the streets, neighborhood by neighborohood, to witness a committee of around ten Kimbandeiros carry out the Queen's command to rid the town of sorcery.‘Down in the street market where we were filming a dance sequence I came across fake Vans sneakers for £58, on a stall next to a woman killing chickens with her bare hands.’A one-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs £7,500 a month to rent. Ana Cristiana Pinto, an attractive 23-year-old who was sent out of the country for her education, as were many Angolans during the long and bloody civil war, explains: ‘For many years we had nothing here. This helps explain how a pair of Puma trainers can cost £185 and why the room-service spaghetti bolognese in our hotel restaurant is £32.


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