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He rebelled against his parents and against their Mormon religion.

In January 2001, when the band called Dumb Luck (which later became The Used, then consisting of Quinn, Jeph and Branden) were looking for a singer, Quinn remembered Bert and he was invited to try out.

Never was that more evident than playing through 25 songs Steineckert molded.

Although it remains to be seen how The Used’s first recorded material without Allman turns out, new guitarist Justin Shekoski signaled no drop-off live and even provided the band with a lift.

A gallery of mannequins and cemetery of tombstones adorned the back of the stage during a pair of local concerts Tuesday and Wednesday nights by The Used, as if the Utah band needed any more bodies watching.

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By: Andy Greenwald Warped Tour headliners the Used escaped Orem, Utah, only to faceaddiction, police hassles, and–in the case of over-the-edgefrontman Bert Mc Cracken–the wrath of Kelly Osbourne. You can only muster so much anger-be it the authentic screamo rage that has made the Used heroes with the Live Journal crowd or the forced theatrics of a record-company photo shoot-before you see some cracks.

The Utah band's self-titled debut begins with the surging "Maybe Memories," which sounds like a cross between Deftones and Afghan Whigs and seesaws between painful screams and stinging melodies.

The rest of the album is even more eclectic, aching like Dashboard Confessional on "Poetic Tragedy" and yowling like Saves the Day on "The Taste of Ink." "Each of us comes from different backgrounds and inspirations," explained drummer Branden Steineckert, who formed the group 18 months ago with vocalist Bert Mc Cracken, bassist Jeph Howard and guitarist Quinn Allman.

The Used's singer, Bert Mc Cracken, describes Quinn Allman as a "truly spiritual and warm" individual.

He continues to write, record and produce music, as well as manage up and coming artists.


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