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Earlier this week, I went to the Muscle Milk Fitness Retreat in Venice Beach for a class called Yoga for Surfers. Before the class got underway, it was hard not to notice some of the students checking each other out.

Call it vanity if you want, but I prefer calling it self driven for improvement.Most people are at the gym at relatively consistent times during the week. Slathering on makeup is only going to make you look like a crazy person when you start sweating.So if you can't find an non-awkward way to approach him one day, hold off and wait until the right opportunity presents itself. There's nothing wrong with looking sweaty and sporty.This is where having similar interest (the gym) would be a HUGE beneficial factor. Gym is a huge part of our lives, and so getting involved and training together will only make the bond stronger.It’s our lifestyle, and so we’re obviously going to be talking about it quite a bit! Also the gym can bring out a lot on people, bringing characteristics to the surface that you would otherwise not see, allowing you to learn a lot about each other!Whether that be about a new PR you smashed that day, or a new all time weigh in, or a new supplement you just ordered that you can’t wait to try… (whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is left to be determined…) You have to understand that this is a massive part of our lives and it is a lifestyle…


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