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yet ;) I have a navel piercing and a Celtic wing tattoo.

My next tattoo is going to be "om mani padme hum" which is basically the Tibetan mantra for compassion.

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Meanwhile, his midlife crisis pushes him to his ultimate snapping point.

"I'm just a fat washed up jock who can't get his head around the fact his high school football career didn't play out the way that he planned.

Nerdy or not, the new trend in the society has flourished, and the youngsters are starting to find the nerdy or geeky look cool.

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She also created and hosted the show ‘.’ She was also a contributor to the Tech Know on Al Jazeera America and Real Future on Fusion.well I could babble on about myself or you could just get to know me sooo lets talk!! o_O) but am accepting of all religions and love studying them.I'm just a short girl from sweet old Cali, but Id love to move to England and get myself one of those spiffy accents :) In fact, Im named after Chelsea, England so it was pretty much a guarantee Id be born with a love for England (and Ireland, Scotland..pretty much most of Europe). I love by "live and let live" so I pride myself on being very open-minded :) I love tattoos and piercings, but unfortunately dont have many myself....She earns an enormous amount of salary from several of her jobs in media.Her appearance on the BBC America, CBS, CNN, Fox News, Nat Geo WILD, Science Channel, Sundance TV, and the Travel Channel prove just how famous she is. I consider myself easy to get along with and love meeting new people!


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