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After the defeat of the Ottomans in Lika, most of the Bunjevci (Roman Catholic Vlachs who spoke Western Herzegovinian subdialect of Neo-Shtokavian with Ikavian accent) migrated to Lika, including Smiljan between 1683–87.Villages and hamlets in Lika and Krbava were divided according to religious confession, which was aligned with ethnicity; in Smiljan the Orthodox, who were ethnic Serbs, lived in the hamlets of Selište, Ljutača and Bogdanić at that time.) is a village in the mountainous region of Western Lika in Croatia.

She also sees a looming crisis for seniors who want to remain independent but are often isolated in their homes.

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It consists of eighteen scattered hamlets (Baćinac, Bogdanic, Covina, Colon Hill, Drazic, Kolakovic, Kovacevici, Ljutača, Milkovic Varos, Miljac, Miskulin Hill, Podkrčmar, Rasovača, Rosulje, Smiljan, Smiljansko Polje, Vaganac).

Smiljan resort is located in the central part of the Velebit-Lika plain, on the western edge of the field at the foot of the hill Licko Krcmar. It got its name from the fort Smiljan which ruins are located at hill Vekavac.


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