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And Nationwide reportedly confirmed Andre was a spokesperson for a campaign.

Birth Name: Andre Kirk Agassi Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, US Date of Birth: April 29, 1970 Ethnicity: *Armenian, possibly Assyrian from Iran (father) *English (mother) Andre Agassi is an American former professional tennis player. He was an Olympic boxer and represented Iran in the 19 Olympics. He is also said to have Assyrian and/or Syrian roots. He is of Armenian Christian background but he also stated to have Assyrian and/or Syrian roots.

I hear about it all the time and I thought I couldn’t beat it and it would get worse.'But watching Loose Women made my anxiety clearer.'Elaborating on this, the Mysterious Girl singing went on to explain that he tuned in to an episode of the daily topical chat show to hear Robbie Williams' wife Ayda Field explaining that her ex-Take That star husband has the same condition.'Adya was on talking about Robbie suffering from social anxiety and my ears pricked up and I thought: that’s what the label is! Peter went on: 'Yes it was [all consuming] and you can say it’s character building and all the rest of it, and made me love my family and friends more.'Yes, it was crippling, but what happens is - once you overcome that part of it - other things happen and you start getting fear of different things and you think "this is my life, I’ve got to accept it". I had therapy for years.'Peter revealed that Jackie Hunter (who is Rachel Hunter’s sister) introduced him to someone in the states that didn’t believe in medication.'For me, I needed that medication to get me to a level where I could talk about it. and after a while you think "it’s not going to hurt me".

But that’s not true.'The TV personality said that a mix of medication and therapy worked for him.'I agree [medication] can make you feel better, but I think you’re just wiping the problem under the carpet,' he said. So both of them worked for me, and now I’m medication free,' he revealed. The only time it’s happened since was when I lost my brother.

I fell into a deep hole and I went back on the medication, but then realised I was grieving.'And medication wasn’t the answer then.

Shelter was not involved in organising the event or recruiting Peter Andre, and did not pay him a fee for taking part.

Andre’s father, Emmanuel “Mike” Agassi, was born as Emmanuel B. Andre’s American mother, Elizabeth (Dudley), likely has English ancestry. Andre’s paternal grandparents were David Aghassian and Noonia. Armenians are Caucasians, considering they live in the Caucasas region, they just have darker features like Mediterraneans.

Andre is married to German tennis player Steffi Graf. And both Persians and Armenians belong in the Indo-European family, and the word Aryan comes from the Indo-Iranian language.

She gave me the same song and dance about being from Ghana.

She never asked directly for money but did hint about funds for travel one night on a chat line.


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